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We have the knowledge and experience to meet the application requirements for all Permits! Our #1 priority at LKN Permits, LLC on Lake Norman, North Carolina, is to give our customers the peace of mind they deserve. We strive on excellence and efficiency with our follow through efforts by getting your project approved in a timely manner.

Transfer of a Dock

New Dock Construction

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Shoreline Stabilization

At LKN Permits, LLC We understand the value of time. If you live on Lake Norman and have just purchased your home with an existing Dock, let us handle the transfer!  Building a new Dock or making changes to a Dock? Planning a Shoreline stabilization project? Spend your valuable time with family and friends enjoying the lake and let us handle the permitting process!

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Lake Norman
What LKN Permits, LLC can do for you

Owning a waterfront home on Lake Norman definitely has its advantages.

Spectacular lake views and the serenity of the lake make it an amazing place to call home for a variety of people.

When it comes to Dredging, building a Dock or Seawall, Maintenance of a Dock or Seawall, there are regulatory guidelines to follow.

The experts at LKN Permits, LLC have the knowledge and experience to facilitate permits for any of your lake projects efficiently and professionally.

“For over a decade, I had worked on the Browns Cove Dredge Project, which was completed in February 2016. During that time I had the pleasure of working with Mickey Larson. I met Mickey in 2013 while searching for dredge companies to complete a project. Throughout the project, Mickey continuously proved herself a person of integrity and someone who I could always depend on. The Browns Cove Dredge Project involved several stakeholders that included government agencies, developers and residents with a cost of just under $500,000; since there were several stakeholders, accountability was a must. Mickey Larson was an asset for the project. She did an excellent job obtaining required permitting and scheduling meetings with stakeholders. I would definitely work with her again.”

-Kim LeNeave, Customer

“I have worked with Mickey for several years and can attest to her knowledge and attention to detail when it comes to completing the task of permit facilitation. As a contractor, it’s nice to know that I can count on LKN Permits, LLC to give me the peace of mind I need so that I can focus on other aspects of my business. If you want exceptional, professional and efficient service, LKN Permits, LLC is who I highly recommend to facilitate permits!”

– J. Tonelis, Owner, Elite Marine Construction, LLC

Frequently Asked Questions
Why do I need a permit to build a dock for personal use, and what are the requirements?

Private docks are highly regulated and must be approved by Duke Energy Lake Services.

As part of their environmental commitment, DELS manages lake activities to ensure the maintenance of natural ecology of these areas. By managing requests for piers, docks and other shoreline structures, they help preserve the environmental, recreational and cultural value of our precious resources.

I already have a Dock, but it is deteriorating and needs repairs; Do I need a permit for this?

A maintenance application is required for any updates or improvements including but not limited to: replacing dock boards (decking), framing, or structural changes. When replacing pilings, floats, or boat lifts a permit is not required.

How big can my dock be?

Maximum square footage allowable over the water is 1000 ft.

Can I have a roof on my dock?

Roofs are permitted as long as the maximum sq footage does not exceed 1000 ft. (Total over the water as stated above)

What does “Grandfathered Status mean?

With significant changes over the past decade, Lake Norman Shoreline Management guidelines have become more restrictive. If you see older homes with landscaping that nearly reach the shoreline, or docks over 1000 sq ft, Boat ramps or Boat houses, this means that these are “grandfathered” in. They can’t be replaced if they are torn down or destroyed, otherwise, they will lose their Grandfather status.

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LKN Permits, LLC can recommend contractors for your Dock Construction, Dredge, or Shoreline Projects.

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